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Nieuwe Brian James rs5 Wide

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Race Shuttle RS5

The Race Shuttle RS5 is the successor to the highly successful original Race Shuttle trailer format.

The result of nearly 18 months of development by a team of stylists, prototype vehicle builders and our production engineers, the RS5 achieves an outstanding quality of design and finish.

Quite apart from automotive standards of body finish, many new and useful features are incorporated, particularly designed to provide excellent access inside the trailer by way of wide lift up, gas strut operated side doors on both sides, plus front access hatches for restraint attachment.

The enhanced easy loading facilities enable the Race Shuttle RS5 to be used virtually as though it were an open trailer. Security of the cars inside the trailer is always a major consideration and with the Race Shuttle RS5 there are locks on all opening doors.

Now available with optional work bench/tyre rack!

Build your own RS5 here, with the Brian James Trailer Configurator!

  • Spare wheel and tyre fitted
  • Full width/height rear loading ramp door (locking)
  • 4 wheel auto reverse brakes
  • 12v electric winch with portable power pack
  • Multi-hole tie-down facility
  • 50mm ball coupling head with integral lock Fully enclosed GRP body with good working height and 5 access doors
  • Integrated modern lighting system to full EEC directives. Rear lamps fully protected
  • High level LED rear brake light
  • LED front and side marker lights
  • Stable with low centre of gravity
  • Adjustable wheel stop bar
  • Fully hot-dip galvanised steel chassis
  • 5 YEAR chassis warranty¬†

Model: Standard Wide-body
Gross capacity 3000 Kg 3500 Kg
Load capacity 2000 Kg 2400 Kg
Load bed width 1.94m (6ft 4in) 2.12m (7ft 0in)
Load bed length 4.9m (16ft 1in)
Body height (internal) 1.8m (5ft 11in min.)
Overall height 2.4m (7ft 10in)
Overall length 6.9m (22ft 7in)
Overall width 2.30m (7ft 6in


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